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USDA Inspection service to outside customers.
We are a USDA approved exporting plant (No. 3435A) with more than 15 years of experience with food export services and compliance. As one of the top food exporting plants in California we can guarantee a full and smooth export certification process thru our state of the art facilities, equipment, qualified personnel and up to date compliance.
Export certification and labeling of merchandise for export to Mexico.
As part of our USDA inspection services and export certification process we handle all verification processes to ensure product meets export requirements, prepare and present applications and product to USDA inspectors, label merchandise and certify products for export.
Loading and unloading with electric forklifts and palletjacks.
Our warehouse is equipped with electric forklifts and palletjacks operated by qualified and certified personnel ensuring proper food product handling.

Pallet Transfer between trailers.
Our facilities include a 58,000 square foot warehouse with 17 loading docks and a 48 truck parking capacity that enables us to load, unload and transfer products fast, easy and secure.
Cold Storage to outside customers (Refrigerated and Frozen).
Our warehouse has a 27,000 square foot refrigerated storage capacity with state of the art refrigeration systems and full rack sections that enable us to store more than 3,000 pallets in our refrigerated and frozen sections and to preserve them properly.
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